Asian stock markets rose in the middle of the week. However, Seoul fell for the fifth time in a row

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The stocks of banks and development companies helped the stock exchanges in Shanghai and Hong Kong to grow. The situation was similar in Tokyo, where it also affected the growing yield on US bonds.

Although the main index of the Shanghai Stock Exchange CSI300 weakened by 0.6 percent, the overall index strengthened by a tenth, and the entire market went slightly up on Wednesday. Development companies helped him the most, when the sub-index of this sector strengthened by almost six percent. The support was bank titles, which added an average percentage.

In a similar vein, trading also took place on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The Hang Seng Index added 0.2 percent, with the real estate sector growing the most (by 4.5 percent). The titles of the healthcare sector went in the opposite direction, falling by 2.5 percent.

Shares in Tokyo strengthened slightly more. The Nikkei index rose 0.65 percent, exceeding the 28,000-point mark for the first time since mid-July. The Tokyo Stock Exchange grew for the fourth time in a row.

The Seoul Stock Exchange has the opposite series behind it. The local KOSPI index fell for the fifth time in a row, losing 0.7 percent on Wednesday alone. Investors fear an acceleration in the spread of coronavirus. The new cases exceeded 2,200, the most since the epidemic in South Korea began last January.


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