Bitcoin dropped in 8% during 5 minutes

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Bitcoin lost 8% in 5 minutes during Tuesday trading. While its value appeared over $10,000 in the beginning of the week, trading on Tuesday ended in the red territory – weaker in more than $800. 

Bitcoin sales started at 4.45 p.m. CEST. In that time, crypto currency was traded over $10,000. Only in 5 minutes, it plunged to less than $9,300. Even though the loss wasn’t as bad as in the end of Tuesday trading, it remained weaker in more than 6% in compared to Monday. 

The expected and deep fall moved traders to the other side of market. While up until now majority of the market expected price growth to value around $11,000, everything changed on Tuesday. It turned out that majority of the market wasn’t affected by stock sales and remained in their positions. The price didn’t drop low enough to convince traders to sales orders. 

It seems that Bitcoin holders don’t get distracted easily. Statistics show that around 60% of the overall Bitcoin offer hasn’t changed its owners. Long-term investors are patient and represent the majority on markets. 


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