Bitcoin fell under $9,000 for a short period

Cryptocurrency with the biggest market capitalization fell under $9,000 for a while during Thursday trading. It’s been some time since Bitcoin broke such an important milestone.

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However, Bitcoin return onto $9,000 shortly after and trading returned in a quiet, or even sleepy mode. The volume of trading wasn’t much different from trading of last days. Bitcoin was traded for almost $80 million on Thursday, which equals to other trading days in the turn of June and July. However, the volume of Bitcoin trading exceeded $300 million a month ago. 

Volatility on Bitcoin markets dropped. It seems that some big traders keep large amounts of cryptocurrency for themselves and wait for some significant course movement, which hasn’t happened in last two months. Since May, Bitcoin value has been between $9,000 and $10,000 and it was nothing unusual in the beginning of the season that Bitcoin price changed even in hundreds of dollars during one trading day. Some kind of agony prevails on other main crypto stock exchanges, just as if it was the calm before the storm.


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