China launches giant coal-fired power plant and faces international criticism for it

China, power plant

Authorities have given the green light to China’s largest coal-fired power plant ever operated by the world’s most populous country. Its installed capacity is comparable to that of a single Temelín nuclear reactor.

China has completed its largest thermal power plant to date, which will generate electricity from coal. Its installed capacity will reach 1,000 megawatts, which is comparable to one of the two nuclear reactors at the Czech nuclear power plant Temelín. China’s Shanghaimiao Power Plant is located in Ordos Prefecture, Inner Mongolia. The region is very rich in coal reserves.

The plant is part of the state-owned China Energy Investment Corporation and China has faced international criticism over it. While developed countries are looking for ways to gradually reduce greenhouse gas emissions, China is ready to launch a giant coal-fired power plant. However, the Chinese government has defended itself by claiming that the plant will use state-of-the-art technology that consumes significantly less coal and water. In addition, government officials said China has pledged to reduce coal consumption only from 2025.



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