The dollar strengthened slightly. It helped him anticipate the early approval of the fiscal package


The US dollar improved by two tenths of a percent against major currencies, rebounding from a seven-day low. Investors also responded to better-than-expected data on the number of new unemployment benefit claims in the United States.

In the past week, about 787 thousand people have applied for unemployment benefits. That is 55,000 less than the week before and at least since March this year, when the coronavirus epidemic broke out in the USA. This was reflected in the strengthening of the US dollar against other major currencies. The dollar was also helped by expectations of the early approval of another fiscal stimulus package.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Thursday that negotiations on economic support measures are making progress and that the fiscal package could be approved soon. Investors are already a little tired of negotiating a package of measures approaching a total volume approaching two trillion dollars. However, the upcoming presidential election increases the likelihood of its approval as the US president Donald Trump pulls the fiscal stimulus as one of the election trumps. Back on Twitter on Wednesday, Trump accused the Democrats of not being willing to compromise. At the same time, it is rather Republicans who are worried about US public finances and are not entirely in favor of the two-trillion-dollar fiscal stimulus.


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