China’s stocks prolonged its “growth line” to seven days in a row

Both major China’s stocks added almost 2% in the middle of the week. Indexes were pulled up mainly by financial sector. Morgan Standey and USB analysts predict that Chinese stocks will further grow within 3 to 6 months. 

Main Shanghai Stock Exchange index increased in 1.7% on Wednesday and ended up trading in its highest since February 2018. Index CSI300, which includes all most valuable Shanghai Stock Exchange titles has appeared on its highest level since June 2015 with additional 1.6%. A more narrow index mapping progress of company stocks on financial markets grew in 2.6% in the middle of the week. 

A smaller Shenzhen Stock Exchange increased in 1.9%, while start-up company indexes grew the most. Its ChiNext Composiet index added up 2.3% and grew to its highest value in last 5 years. The growth line was prolonged to 7 days. 

Shanghai stocks added 11.6% during this year and blue chips grew even in 16.5%. Only during last month, stocks grew in almost 14%. Optimism on China’s markets also supports Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Even though local Hang Seng index grew only 0.6% on Wednesday, it appears in its highest values in last 4 moths. 


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