France may shut down more nuclear power plants sooner than expected

Two nuclear reactors could close down by 2025 or 2026 if the conditions on energy market were favorable. It would be closed down earlier than expected.

French government plans to close down 14 nuclear reactors by 2035, which could make the country independent on nuclear energy from current 75% to 50%. The two nuclear reactors are currently the oldest in France. The original plan was to shut them down in 2027 or 2028.

“If appropriate conditions to shut down more nuclear reactors are met on electricity market, then the closure could happen in 2025-2026,” public document on French energy policy states. The decision should be made in 2023 already.

State-controlled utility EDF operates 58 nuclear reactors in the country. According to EDF, French government is currently exploring options how to shut down more nuclear reactors so that the plan of reducing dependence on nuclear energy by 2035 is reached.


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