Swiss banks start trading with bitcoin


Switzerland is generally considered to be financially conservative country and the same could apply to banking sector

Yet, some Swiss banks already began to operate with bitcoin.

Even though such Swiss banks still represent minority, Zurich-based SEBA Bank AG opened a banking license and offers services in cryptocurrencies from November 2019. It already operates with cryptocurrency property of more that $100 million.

The bank owns licence to manage bitcoin bank accounts, you can also valorize your property in bitcoin trading. SEBA Bank offers its bitcoin services outside of Switzerland. In coutries of the US, Hong Kong, Singapore or some European countries – Austria, France, Italy or Germany.

Moveover, SEBA Bank is not the first Swiss bank to start with bitcoin. Falcon Group, for example, launched bitcoin management services in 2017 already. According to analysts, the unstoppable trend of bitcoin is still finding its way around markets, yet its growing potential is high.


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