Investments to energetics to be most profitable in the upcoming year


According to S&P Global analysts, investments to energetics companies and health sector will be the most profitable in the upcoming year.

On the other hand, they assume negative yields in financial and real estate companies.

If you decide to invest into S&P 500 index on New York Stock Exchange, then you can expect appreciation of 11,4 percent during the next year. Such is the estimation of S&P Global. Shares of energetics companies would help you with the appreciation the most. The expected appreciation of the mentioned shares is more than 32 percent. In addition, health sector shares could bring almost 22 percent of appreciation. The third most profitable sector is basic industrial materials production according to S&P Global.

On the contrary, real estate investment is considered to be unprofitable. One could lose up to 12 percent in that field. Furthermore, negative yields are also expected in real estate. Shares of companies producing ordinary consumer goods should be under the below average (+7,4 %) and utilities (+ 7,1 %). Telecommunication companies shares should valorize in 11,2 percent according to S&P Global.


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