One of the largest Belarusian banks will offer the opportunity to buy Bitcoin

Purchases of the oldest and most popular digital currency will currently only be possible with payment cards issued in Belarus or Russia. Even considering that the financial systems of the two countries are very well interconnected. In the future, however, this possibility should be extended to other countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States, such as neighboring Ukraine or Georgia, which shares a border with Russia.

According to Belarusbank spokesman Alexei Kulik, clients will be able to buy Bitcoins directly into their wallets without any intermediary. The service will use White Bird’s infrastructure. The involvement of other cryptocurrencies should follow in the near future. In addition to Bitcoin, Belarusbank’s clients will soon be able to buy Litecoins or Ethereum as well.

Cryptocurrency transactions have been legal in Belarus since 2018. Bitcoin has become a key instrument for distributing financial aid to Belarusians who lost their jobs during demonstrations against Alexander Lukashenko, whose opposition does not recognize as Belarus’s legitimate president. ‘


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