Retail sales growth in the European Union continued in June. But at a slightly slower pace

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Consumers in the European Union continue to return to shopping. Retailers’ sales also increased in June. Year-on-year by 5.3 and month-on-month by 1.5 percent. This is based on current Eurostat data.

Sales dynamics slowed in June. In May, the people of the European Union spent almost nine percent more than in the same month last year. Still, the June data is good news. The result was influenced by last year’s relatively high benchmark, when people returned to spending after gradually relaxing the strict anti-emptemic measures adopted last March and April.

Bulgaria reported the largest year-on-year increase in retail sales, by less than 23 percent. Sales grew at double-digit rates in Lithuania (15.3), Slovenia (12.8), Estonia (12.2), Romania (12.1) and Croatia (10.6). Spain recorded the lowest momentum, with sales to traders rising just 1.4 percent after a more than 17 percent increase in May.

The only European Union country where people spent less than a year ago was Luxembourg, with a 3.2 percent drop. The Czech Republic, Greece and Cyprus are yet to publish their June retail figures.


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