Saudi Aramco stock exchange premiere – shares grew in 10 %

Shares of the mining company grew in one tenth during its first trading. Value of the company reaches up to the value $2 trillion.

The vast majority of purchase orders during first shares trading of Saudi Aramco came from domestic investors. According to Samba Capital responsible for IPO Saudi Aramco it was up to 97 % purchase. More than three fourths of shares traded during stock exchange premiere ended up in banks, funds and some governmental institutions.

Company market price reached the level of $1,88 trillion and slowly nears the value of $2 trillion due to strengthening of Saudi Aramco shares against is subscription value. The value of $2 billion is value which was expected to be the subscription value. Nevertheless, Saudi Aramco created a new subscription record when its first shares in public offer sold for more than $25 billion. Moreover, Saudi Aramco is currently world’s most valuable company traded at stock market. It even surpassed Apple with its value of almost $1,2 trillion.


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