Asian stocks on Wednesday were catching up with European and U.S. stocks Tuesday, rising strongly

Asian countryside - Hong Kong

Stocks in China, Japan and Hong Kong only experienced Tuesday’s euphoria in Europe and the US after a delay due to the different time zones. The main Asian market indices strengthened under the influence of a slight easing of tensions at the border between Russia and Ukraine.

Among the major Asian stock markets, the Tokyo Stock Exchange rose the most. The main Nikkei index gained 2.2 percent during Wednesday’s trading. Technology titles, led by TDK or Tokyo Electron, were the biggest gainers. Shares in brewer Asahi rose by less than five percent, while tyre maker Bridgestone added over seven percent.

The Hong Kong stock market also added nearly 1.5 percent on Wednesday, as measured by the gain in the main Hang Seng index. Technology also grew the most here, by 2.3 per cent. The segment of Chinese companies also performed solidly, strengthening by 1.77 percent.

The Chinese stock markets themselves also rose, but at a noticeably slower pace. The Shanghai Aggregate Index gained 0.57 percent, while the main CSI 300 index gained only 0.39 percent, driven mainly by the property development sector. The smaller stock exchange in Shenzhen gained 0.47 percent.


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