The European Commission plans to introduce emission allowances for buildings and transport

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Within a few years, another market for emission allowances could emerge in the European Union. The European Commission plans to create a model similar to that for energy and industrial companies in emissions trading.

This time, the allowances and the trading scheme should cover buildings and road transport. This would probably mean setting maximum greenhouse gas emission limits for transport companies and business buildings. Whoever fits within the limits could sell his allowances to those entities that exceed the set quotas.

“The idea is to have another and separate emissions market. Initially, these would be very low limits and the system would be complemented by compensation for low-income companies, “said European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen during the European summit in Brussels.

A more detailed proposal will be presented as part of a larger climate policy package that the European Commission intends to publish in July this year. The current system of emission allowances in the European Union applies to companies from the energy and industrial sectors, but also to aviation.


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