Top 5 companies strengthened by coronavirus crisis

While some companies suffered a significant stock decline during the pandemic, some managed to take it as an opportunity to grow and made the best of it. Despite the difficult economic situation, some companies became even stronger than before the pandemic outbreak, and in addition, favorable results can be expected even in the future. Amazon has profited from the crisis the most.



1. Amazon (3 043,22 USD per share)

As stores closed down, consumers began to shop online. Amazon had to recruit more employees to be able to handle significantly increased numbers of orders. The company is a retail seller of general merchandise, and some cheap products, such as toilet paper, became the most common part of purchases.

On the other hand, demand for clothes or more expensive products dropped. Amazon has also profited from cloud computing, which increased its sales. Due to transfer of most society into online environment, Amazon has experienced a higher demand for products as well as cloud services.


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