Toyota-owned truck maker faces emissions scandal

Japanese automaker Hino Motors, a subsidiary of carmaker Toyota, has some explaining to do. The results of an internal audit showed that the carmaker had falsified greenhouse gas emissions data.


Toyota follows in Volkswagen’s footsteps

One of the largest subsidiaries of the world-famous Japanese carmaker Toyota is facing an emissions scandal similar to that of the German concern Volkswagen a few years ago. Hino Motors, a Japanese manufacturer of commercial vehicles and buses, has been found to be falsifying greenhouse gas emissions data following an internal audit. And in the case of some engines, this was already happening in 2003. The scandal was highlighted by Reuters and other foreign media.

False emission data

Hino Motors initiated the audit itself and set up an investigation committee consisting of lawyers and business consultants, as the suspicion of falsification of emission data had already arisen earlier. Chairman Kazuo Sakakibara said the car company was being run in a toxic way, as it appeared some people had a problem saying they simply couldn’t do some things.

Hino Motors President Satoshi Ogiso publicly apologised and assured that the company takes the results of the investigation seriously. Toyota automaker President Akio Toyoda said Hino Motors has violated the trust of all its shareholders.


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