Dukascopy website offers trading of Forex, Binaries, Cryptocurrencies and CFD’s, but also normal banking services. There are no trading conditions, every instrument has its own spread. In general, Dukascopy has low spreads, but charges a commission on every trade, for example 0,10 % of trade value on stocks. An interesting thing is that this broker offers its own cryptocurrency, the Dukascoin.

Web design

On first sight, the Dukascopy homepage can be a little disconcerting, there is a large number of colors and it seems really text-heavy. The rest of the website is unfortunately similar in this regard. There is a great deal of information available here, but the presentation is lacking.

News and other information

The volume of news may be overwhelming for new users, but there are filters that investors can use to only see news that are relevant to them. In addition, there are several additional tools such as economic calendar or SWFX sentiment index. Furthermore, there is no special educative section.

Trading information

There is an option for investors to choose between desktop or smartphone-based clients. Dukascopy offers a fairly limited demo account of only 14 days. We have tried to set up the account on several occasions but have been unable to do so. Judging from third party pictures, the interface is fairly standard. Trading conditions are based on where the investor is domiciled. Maximum leverage on offer is 1:200.



In contrast to poor web design, broker is actually great. Finding what you want to find is sometimes difficult, but there are some instructions. In addition to being a broker, Dukascopy is also a bank located in Switzerland, which means more regulation but also more safeguards. Users can contacts this broker via phone, mail, or help services.

Overall assessment: 2


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