Plus 500

Today, we would like to introduce you the Plus500 website – especially its services, design and trading platforms.


This website offers a wide range of services. Users have many options – besides the standard instruments like shares or commodities, they can also trade cryptocurrencies. Because of European regulations, the the maximum leverage is little bit lower than in the past – from 1:30 to 1:2 in case of cryptocurrencies). For overnight trading or guaranteed stop orders, there are additional fees and also an inactivity fee. Trading spread is steadily at 0,0006.

Web design

Many trading web pages usually have aggresive colours, but this website is the exception. The top navigational bar opens automatically upon moving the cursor on it, which saves time. Some of the pages are maybe too long and it would be better to split them for the comfort of users. Overall, the web seems quite decently designed.

News and other information

Maybe we can point out an imperfection – this website does not have any special news section, the only source of information available is an economic calendar. There is no section dedicated educational section either.

Trading information

It is possible to trade via an app (iPhone, Android, Windows). Signing up is very easy and fast, the only thing you need to enter is an email and a password. We’ve tried the webtrader. It is fairly well designed; you can buy and sell different instruments by a few clicks.

Trading itself is quite easy. You will choose an instrument, and select  whether you want to buy or sell. Furthermore, there are several other options such as closing on selected profit or loss. There are many other tools, for instance – you can set alerts for individual indices when price reaches certain values. These alerts can be delivered by email or by SMS (all notifications are free of charge). Some information is available in the app, you can see how the price of the chosen commodity changed with time. You can also see trader’s sentiment (which shows whether other people prefer to buy or sell).


Conclusion and information about broker

In general, our experience with the website Plus500 is mainly positive – it is easy to use web and also to trade. On the other hand, almost no information is available to customers, which means that this broker is better suited for experienced traders. As many other brokers, Plus500 is based in Cyprus. Customers can contacts the company via online chat, WhatsApp or e-mail.

Overall assessment: 2-


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