Dollar and yuan remain strong

American dollar remains strong thanks to promising perspectives of American economy. Chinese yuan grew to its highest in last 6 months

The world’s strongest economy is keeping its progress even in upcoming months. It is confirmed by December data on construction of houses and flat. The data was published last week and state that construction volume is highest in last 13 years. Moreover, the growth speed was accelerated by industrial production and retail sales. American dollar reacted to these events with a slight growth against mail world currencies. As such dollar slightly improved its record heights in last month.

During last week Chinese yuan grew even more. It appeared in its strongest values in past six months. Similarly, the growth was influenced by newly published economic data. And that happened even though Chinese economy grew in its slowest speed in last three decades. Growth of yuan was supported by industrial production, whose growth accelerated.

Investors are mainly watching out for Japan’s Central bank decision on monetary policies planned for Tuesday and meeting of Board of Governors of the Bank of England that will take place on Thursday. Possible changes in exchange rates will undoubtedly project in exchange rates of major world currencies.


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