The European Union is fining Apple for restricting competition


The American technology company Apple is to hear the verdict of the European Commission this week for the alleged distortion of competition. Representatives of the Swedish streaming service Spotify complained to Apple that it did not want to launch it on the offer of its App Store.

The fine for Apple could climb up to ten percent of its global annual revenue. With reference to a well-known source, this was stated by the Reuters agency. This would be Apple’s first-ever sanction from the side of the EU

Spotify’s music streaming service has submitted a proposal to the European Commission to initiate antitrust proceedings in 2019. Spotify accuses Apple of preventing it from entering the App Store. Apple is thus said to unfairly prefer Apple Music’s own streaming service. Spotify also complained that Apple charges about a 30 percent commission on sales of “non-Naples” services through the App Store.

Reuters reported that representatives of the European Union dealing with the case declined to comment on the matter. Apple has previously defended itself by saying that its App Store, on the other hand, meant a lot of competitors the opportunity to make a lot of money.


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