China and southeastern Asia grow

Shares throughout all southeastern Asia began to grow on Wednesday

The growth was supported by Central Banks, especially People’s Bank of China.

China’s shares strengthened during Wednesday trading. Bank of China promised to take measures to compensate coronavirus epidemic consequences, and investors do rely on such a promise. Shanghai Stock Exchange Index surged in 1,3% and blue chips added up 1,1%. Medical titles were most progressive and increased in 3%.

Shenzhen shares added up 2,5% and were traded for similar prices as the ones before New Year. Similarly, medical titles were most progressive there and strengthened in 10%, which is maximum allowable daily limit.

Singapore Exchange and Philippine Stock Exchange experienced similar progress, when their indexes grew in 1,4% (that is 1,7%). Shares in Thailand and Indonesia surged around 1%, while growth in Thailand was supported by local Central Bank decision on declining of interest rates it 25 basis points (a quarter of percent point).


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