Covid-19: Who wins the race for a vaccine?

There are several pharmaceutical companies, which already began to develop vaccine to SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes Covid-19 disease

Progress of shares growth of these companies signal, which companies thrive.

American company Gilead Sciences with its experimental Remdesivir drug to fight coronavirus has been recently most often mentioned. Yet, more attention is being focused on German company BioNTech. Shares of this company skyrocketed during last week, while its market value tripled. The growth was caused by announcement that BioNTech will cooperate with American giant Pfizer to develop vaccine to fight Covid-19. The companies also agreed they would distribute the vaccine outside of mainland China.

Yet, BioNTech now appears where other vaccine developing companies were a few weeks ago. Some of them experienced similar skyrocket growth – Inovio Pharmaceuticals with 100% growth during last month, Moderna with 73% growth and Novavax grew in 52% growth. Gilead Sciences shares grew in one fifth during last 30 days, which might be caused by worse than expected 2019 financial results. Total turnover of Gilead grew only slighty in 1,5% and net profit declined in 1,3%. The company, which will manage to develop an effective drug, will be highly appreciated by financial markets.





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