Rosatom opened a bitcoin mining farm

The facility was built near Kalinin nuclear plant around 350 km northwest of Moscow

The plant offers 30-megawatt capacity for cryptocurrency mining.

The mining farm was built by Rosenergoatom company, which is subsidiary company or better known Rosatom. The investment reached almost $5 billion. The power plant with area of around one hundred thousand square meters will offer around 30 containers each with space for almost 400 individual mining computers.

According to Sergei Nemchenkov, the head of data centers and digital products at Rosenergoatom, bitcoin miners and data centers are huge energy consumers with stable demands. “We see this as opportunity to diversify our subscribers,” he added.

Rosatom is the first big government-related entity to be offering space for bitcoin mining in Russia. Its plants could eventually open up to 240 megawatts and Kalinin nuclear plant could be soon followed by other mining farm plants. Similar entities are currently built in Rockdale, Texas, where the expected capacity is 25-50 megawatts with possible extension to 1 gigawatt.


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