Stocks in south-eastern Asia increased in the end of the week. Manila grew the most.

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All major Asian stock exchanges, with the exception of Singapore, grew in the end of the week. Main index of Manila’s stock exchange increased in nearly 5%. Similarly, shares in India grew, and added up almost 6%. 

Positive mood on stock exchange in the capital of Philippines was mainly caused by releasing of anti-pandemic measures in Manila. Its shares significantly grew on Friday – in 4,8%. The growth was mainly caused by banking houses and financial institutions in general. Its profits moved between 8-11%. 

Shares in Kuala Lumpur grew in 1%, in the lead with Petronas Gas and Petronas Dagangan, whose stocks value grew in 9,4%, that is 12,6%. Similarly, Bangkok, Jakarta or Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchanges grew. The only market having experienced fall was Singapore Exchange, which lost 0,18%. 

Indian shares recorded success and added up 6% during five trading days. In addition, Nifty 50 index grew in almost a percent on Friday. Positive numbers from Indian GDP, which grew in 3,1% during first quarter of 2020, caused the optimism, even though analysts expected one percent worse results.  


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