The Dow Jones lost another two percent. The sales were dominated by technological titles

dow jones

All major stock indices of the New York Stock Exchange weakened sharply again on Wednesday. The Dow Jones wrote off two percent, the S&P 500 2.4 and the technology Nasdaq even more than 3 percent.

US stocks have stepped on falling to the levels of July this year. The limit of the Dow Jones index of 26,000 points is still resisting, but only 700 points are needed to break it downwards. During Wednesday’s trading alone, the Dow Jones wrote off about 500 points, so it is possible that the index will fall below 26,000 points by the end of this week.

Most index were pushed down by technology stocks. Apple lost over four percent. The carmaker Tesla has even written off more than one tenth and its shares are trading for less than $ 400. That’s the value of less than $ 2,000 before they split 1 to 5. At the end of August, Tesla was trading for more than $ 2.5 thousand (before the split). The markets continue to escalate nervousness, which is partly related to the forthcoming presidential election, the coronavirus epidemic or the absence of an impetus to grow demand for securities.


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