American stocks keeping their record high values

Since the beginning of this week all the main US indexes got to a point, where we last saw them in January 2018.

The main growth engine of Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P 500 and Nasdaq indexes seems to be the growing optimism around trade disputes between the US and China. The stocks reached the almost two-year maximum right on Monday and only a slight correction appeared since. The value of DJIA was around the level of 27 500 points during Wednesday, while S&P appeared over 3 000 points. Furthermore, tech Nasdaq crossed the border on 8400 points.

That is mostly because the US and China agreed on postponing some taxes to increase the chances of reaching trade agreements. Americans even claim that the agreement could be reached in November already. Fed’s recent decision on decreasing interest rates did support the positive mood, too. Such a decision clearly states that Fed still does care for keeping the economic growth high and unemployment low.


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