Connecting Hong Kong to China is favorable to stock markets

People have been protesting in Hong Kong against the new China’s security law. However, connecting one of the largest Asian financial centers with mainland China is favorable to markets. As far as interest of investors in Hong Kong Stock Exchange is concerned.

stock market

Investors reported that Hong Kong Stock Exchange could benefit from enlisting of many China’s companies. A financial connection with the second strongest economy worldwide could turn out to be positive. And it seems that even protestants in the streets of Hong Kong won’t make a difference. This time, protests are targeted against the new security law introduced on Wednesday. 

However, it seems that civil unrests won’t affect Hong Kong Stock Exchange trading much. Moreover, neither Hong Kong dollar has been affected. “As long as Chinese companies come and enlist in Hong Kong Stock Exchange, the party will go on,” said CEO of Geo Securities Francis Lun to Reuters. “People from financial world are obsessed with making money. Nothing can dissuade them from their life goal,” Lun added, saying the finance industry live in a parallel universe. Finance markets could be endangered only by a legislative restricting stocks operation, which is not the case for now. Hong Kong stocks are slightly growing this week. 



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