UAE to double renewable energy capacities

renewable energy

The United Arab Emirates grew its renewable energy capacities in more than 400% in last ten years, and they intend to double that in the coming decade

Sultan al-Jaber, Abu Dhabi National Oil Co. chief executive (ADNOC), said that on Monday. “We will also increase our carbon utilization and storage capacities by 500%, which is the amount of CO2 which 5 million acres of forest could capture,” he said at a sustainable energy international conference.

Furthermore, ADNOC plans to reduce its greenhouse gas intensity of its production by 25% and to cut fresh water consumption to below 0,5% from the total volume of water consumed during operations.

Indonesian president Joko Widodo, who also participated in the event, called for more investments to clean energy and to accept low carbon lifestyle. Indonesian and the United Arab Emirates signed 11 trade deals for import of investment units for clean energy and other sectors, which UAE will pay around $23 billion for.


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