Asian stocks growing, China and Hong-Kong in their 6-weeks highs

The US-Iran tensions seem to be repeatedly outbalanced by optimism around the US-China trade deals

Hong Kong, China and Japan shares continuously grow in last 6 weeks. Hang Seng, Hong Kong stock exchange index rose in almost 1% during last week, while the end of the week was the most successful for the currency. IT sector rose the most (in almost 2%) and bank shares rose, too. On the other hand, energy titles declined.

Chinese stock indexes also grew, yet in half the speed of Hong Kong stock exchange. Consumer and medical goods were traded the best. Shenzhen stock exchange grew in 0,15% and Schanghai rose in double.

Positive mood of investors expanded to Tokyo. Nikkei Index grew in 0,8% from Monday to Friday, while half of its growth rose on Friday. Industrial enterprises were traded the best and rose in more than 5%. Nowever, energy titles declided and so did Isuzu automotive company, when it declide in almost 2%.


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