Samsung sells its remaining stake in chip equipment supplier ASML


South Korean electronics manufacturer Samsung Electronics has sold its entire remaining stake in Dutch chip manufacturing equipment supplier ASML Holding. This follows Samsung’s announcement to regulators today. The stake sale is part of Samsung’s efforts to expand into new areas of chip manufacturing, Bloomberg reported.

The memory chip maker

Samsung is the world’s largest memory chip maker. The company sold 1.58 million ASML shares, equivalent to about 0.4 percent of the Dutch firm’s share capital, according to the report. The value of that stake, according to Samsung’s earlier information, was about 1.26 trillion won (about CZK 22 billion) at the end of September.


The sale took place in last year’s fourth quarter. Samsung bought a three per cent stake in ASML in 2012 for around 700 billion won (approximately CZK 12 billion). Four years later, it sold half of that stake. It then gradually reduced its remaining stake from the second quarter of last year.

Samsung will continue its cooperation with ASML despite the sale of the remaining stake. The companies signed a preliminary agreement last year to jointly invest around a trillion won (roughly CZK 17.5 billion) in a research centre in South Korea, Reuters reported.

Source Czech Press Office


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