The dollar weakened before Trump and Biden’s first television debate


The US dollar headed down after rising to its two-month high last week. Investors were collecting profits and began to be cautious on the eve of the first television debate between the two presidential candidates.

The dollar lost against virtually all major currencies on Tuesday. It lost more than one percent against the euro, weakening against the Swiss franc, the Australian and New Zealand dollars, as well as the Norwegian krone.

The television debate between the two presidential candidates has traditionally been a significant event. However, this year’s start of the final phase of the campaign is specific compared to the previous one. At the very least, according to current surveys, Donald Trump is losing about ten percentage points to Joe Biden, more than Hillary Clinton than four years ago.

According to analysts, investor nervousness is manifested mainly on the domestic American scene, rather than the dollar coming under pressure from foreign investors. The current situation is also specific in this respect. However, it can be assumed that uncertainty and nervousness in the markets will persist until the elections. And even then, it is not certain that the situation will calm down. According to some experts, it can be expected that the counting of votes will take several days.


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