Wild development on the stock markets. How are the individual indices doing?

How are the major stock indices developing?

Investors are returning to China after several weeks of lockdowns. The positive sentiment on Asian markets was also supported by some macroeconomic data. Europe, on the other hand, headed into the red numbers and the mood on Wall Street was mixed.

Asian stocks on the rise

The biggest buying spree was seen on the Hong Kong stock exchange, where the Hang Seng index firmed by 2.24 percent in midweek trading. The Tokyo Stock Exchange also added more than a percent, with the Nikkei index adding more than a percent as well.

Shanghai was also in the green, with its main index firming by almost 0.7 percent. In short, investors are returning to Asian markets on a larger scale, mainly because of China, which is recovering from the recent covid lockdown.

European indices going south

Stock markets in Europe headed in the opposite direction. The pan-European Stoxx 600 index shed 0.83 percent. But the biggest drop was recorded on the Paris stock exchange, which weakened by more than a percent. The DAX index of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange dropped less than one percent. London lost significantly less, just 0.32 per cent. 

In New York, the mood was contradictory in the first hours of Wednesday’s trading, with only the Nasdaq technology index in the green.


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