Asian stocks started the new trading week inconsistently. Mumbai on record, Tokyo weakened

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While last week ended with the general growth of key Asian stock markets, they went in both directions on Monday. Indian stocks started a new trading week at an all-time high.

The overall index of the Bombay Stock Exchange NSE Nifty 50 strengthened by 0.76 percent on Monday and approached the level of 18.5 thousand points in sight. He thus ascended to the highest level in its history. Indian stocks were helped mainly by metallurgical and mining stocks, some of which strengthened by more than ten percent. Energy or developers also grew.

Shares in Tokyo went in the opposite direction, but lost only slightly. The Nikkei index weakened by 0.15 percent. Concerns about the further rise in oil prices, on whose imports the Japanese economy depends, were mainly to blame. Expensive oil thus significantly increases the risk of a slowdown in the country’s economic recovery after the covid.

Shares in Shanghai also weakened, mainly due to real estate stocks. The real estate segment index lost 2.6 percent. The bad mood prevailed here due to the consequences of the collapse of the largest real estate company in China, Evergrande. In contrast, Hong Kong real estate titles were successful, strengthening by less than one percent on Monday.


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